Choosing “Hacker-Proof” Passwords

We live in a world where everyone has dozens (hundreds?) of logins and passwords.

Your bank, your email, Facebook, etc.  Each wants you to have a unique, secure, and constantly changing password!

And the reason is clear… the number one reason for cyber theft is poorly chosen passwords.

If you’re like many, however, you simply don’t put much effort into choosing your passwords.  Maybe your dog, your child’s name, and if you’re really clever, you put the year they were born at the end.

Well, I’m writing this article to light a fire under your virtual behind… because those types of passwords are setting you up for some hardship.

Spend a little time at this site:

Here’s what I learned:

The password “fluffy1” could be hacked in about 5 minutes.

The password “jimmy2002” could be hacked in about 5 days.

The password “Tx!4$zz#36Gt**@” could be hacked in about 2 Trillion years.

Let all this sink in, and protect yourself from identity theft!

Oh, and if your password is “password”…. yours is in the top 10 most common passwords, and would be hacked almost immediately.  🙂

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