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Today’s businesses require you to have some level of information management- computers, laptops, email systems, centralized data, backup systems… the list goes on.

And as you’ve probably experienced, it’s easy to spend too much time (and money!) trying to understand it all, and piece together a system that works for your business.

Why not let our professionals come in and give you a fast, friendly consultation on how we can maximize current technology to make your business run like a fine tuned machine!

System Design

Often times, new business startups are overwhelmed with all the details of launching, the idea of figuring out the techie stuff gets pushed off until last… which can produce some real headaches down the road.  Freedom Computer Services specialize in working with your business needs and projected expansion to create an easy to manage system that just works.

From system design, to finding the right hardware, to installation to training your staff- we are your partner in success.

Your business is too valuable for you to “wing it” with your information, let us help you build things right- the first time!

911 Tech calls

Computer “emergencies” are a part of the 21st century.  Email stops working, your computer becomes agonizingly slow, or a lightning strike fries your hard drive.

What do you do when the unthinkable happens?  And what if it occurs at 11pm on a Friday night?

Give Freedom Computer Services a call, and watch us swoop in to the rescue- our goal is to protect your technology and give you the FREEDOM from the headaches of I.T.!

VoIP Services

Telephones are the lifeline of every business.  For the longest time, businesses were at the mercy of the local phone company, and were forced to pay the exorbitant amount per line that the phone company was wanting to charge.  Now, we have Voice over IP, which utilizes your internet connection to give you excellent phone service at a fraction of the cost!